GHS1217 - 1"

GHS1234 - 0.5" 

GHS1218 - 1"

GHS1235 - 0.5"

GHS1220 - 1"

GHS1237 - 0.5"

GHS1219 - 1"

GHS1236 - 0.5"

GHS1223 - 1"

GHS1240 - 0.5" 

GHS1224 - 1"

GHS1241 - 0.5" 

GHS1222 - 1"

GHS1239 - 0.5" 

GHS1221 - 1"

GHS1238 - 0.5"


Provide your employees with a quick and easy way to identify Hazard Classes and Personal Protective Equipment requirements. Our labels are manufactured on high gloss paper stock with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of application and longer durability.


Make clean, professional looking labels in minutes. Printed in sheets and padded with a cardboard backer for ease of use.  Each sheet is perforated to allow removal when completed.


Labels are sold in pads. 1” are 1,120 labels per pad and 0.5” are 1,820 labels per pad. 

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is an international guideline published by the United Nations. The GHS aims to harmonize the classification and labeling systems for all sectors involved in the life cycle of a chemical (production, storage, transport, workplace use, consumer use and presence in the environment).

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