Business Training Kit

Our Business Training Kit provides the components to assist your workforce in preparation for the changes that GHS brings to WHMIS. This kit has been designed for the small business where WHMIS training is needed for light chemical use.


Included in this kit with our GHS Information Center, are the support materials to help get your workplace ready. Our informative Workers Training Video is a 30 minute video presentation that focuses solely on GHS and what the changes mean to the end user in your work place.


 Also included in this kit are our SDS Pocket Booklets, GHS Wallet Cards and GHS Trained vinyl stickers. Perfect items for training reminders and quick reference while on the job.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is an international guideline published by the United Nations. The GHS aims to harmonize the classification and labeling systems for all sectors involved in the life cycle of a chemical (production, storage, transport, workplace use, consumer use and presence in the environment).

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